How Technology Has Effected Us

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Without technology where would we be? I’d like to think that lives were saved by technology but the sad truth is that lives have also been lost because of it. Cyber bullying is a popular form of entertainment amongst bullies all over the world but should we let that ruin it for all of us who have actually made good use of the internet? The internet isn't the only part of technology that has impacted all of our lives. TV, cars, cellphones, etc. are all I consider to be modern day technologies and without them I wouldn’t be able to write this paper via the computer. Basically, without technology we would be dead. Technology has personally affected me in a way that no other thing on Earth has impacted my life. Every homework that I have done at home and every essay I have ever written in my life had something to do with technology. I have either researched something online or written and submitted an assignment online. In this aspect of technology I can say that it is actually really good. Technology and the internet has helped me by saving time from going to the library or actually going out and asking people for information on the topic I need help with. Some people would actually say this is a bad thing. Is it so bad to depend on technology for your information? Not at all, but it is bad to let technology persuade you into being someone you are not. Gillianne N. Duncan writes about Extreme Makeover and made me realize about how much technology can impact people’s lives. According to what she wrote about Extreme Makeover in her essay Why Do We Hate Our Bodies? The show picks two friends and gives them plastic surgeries to make them look how they are “supposed” to look. I agree with Gillianne when she explains how this is affecting people’s views in society in the sense that we are given a standard of looks to follow instead of love our bodies

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