How Technology Changed the World Essay

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Most time some believe that change is bad for life. But in order for life to progress there needs to be change. Most innovators in the past have made a negative change in the world, but there is always an even balance, there is always positive change. In Benjamin Franklin’s letter and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, there is mostly positive change. With the technologies created by the two men or explained in their writing we see how the innovation of brilliant minds changed the world. In Benjamin Franklin’s letter, he discusses how electricity is conducted. He explains the process of how the kite is to me created to the string that is to be used; the variety of materials needed and also discussed is the feeling of discovery. In the letter you feel like you are there experiencing exactly what is spoken by Mister Franklin. The discussion of the rod made like a cross and the tied by that of wire in order to conduct the oh so dangerous electricity, the silk handkerchief stretched over the rods making a triangular shaped object, then another piece of wired string attached to the kite where the electricity would pass through. Next a key, the main part of the experiment is placed at the base of the head of the kite, and at the very end a non-conductive piece of string place where the kite should be held. The he explains how the electricity surges through the kite, where when everything dies down and the kite is lowered, there at the back of the kite is a white hot glowing kind, showing the process of electricity. Here Innovation changed the future. In Jonathan Swift’s chapter of Gulliver’s Travels several interesting prospects occur. One being the development of extracting sunbeams from a cucumber; through his studies he achieved the knowledge of creating consistent sunshine, this being useful in the help of everyday science on ways to help people with a vitamin D
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