How Technology Can Help with Learning English Essay

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How technology can help with learning English In the past, learning English was an extraordinary difficult work for the learn whose learn English as second language.Today however ,with the high developing of modern technology, there are plenty of ways to learn English. Technology refers to the refers to the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques and methods of organization. In the present,there are several ways can obviously helping learning English.For example,electronic dictionary is a spectacular and convenient way to find out the difficult vocabulary which is less common.Online English learning center is an advanced process to improve English. Listen the English speaking radio and watch English movies are the simplest method to practice listening and vocabulary. E-dictionary --spectacular way to learn English E-dictionary is invented for a convenient way to find out the vocabulary without bring the heavy original dictionary, E-dictionary can be download in laptop version and the version of mobile phone.For example,with the high information technology developing ,the simulation situation dialogues is be designed which is able to help the student whom learn English as second language to figure out what to say and how to speak in correct pronunciation and form in various situation.There is a possibility that E-dictionary save the 30% of the time to find the vocabulary compare to the dictionary book.Therefore ,E-dictionary is a spectacular and convenient process to help learning English. Online English center ---advanced method of practicing English Online English center is designed for the learner to practicing English on the internet.there are plenty of benefit to learn by online English center.Such as there are various of famous English speech posted on the learning board, the exercise of typing the word when
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