How Technology Affects the Society Essay

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How Technology Affects the Society Jade Wallace English 1133 P05 Marine Ogbaa October 12, 2012 Technology keeps a large community more connected. We use technology everyday, even when we do no realize we are using it. Technology connects large communities by having many ways to contact people, get transportation and network. Since we have been introduced to so many new technologies, it’s easier to stay social and connected. Technology is especially a plus in large communities verses smaller communities because there are more people living there. Large communities use many different types of technologies on an everyday basis. Technology is a significant factor in our life that maximizes organization and keeps everything running smoothly. Large communities such as New York, Chicago, and New Orleans are the types of communities that need more technology than other places because they move faster and there are more people. Technology has upgraded in many ways to accommodate these large communities. “ Internet access has moved up from dial up to high speed and wireless connectivity became widespread” as stated Technology Updates Help Guest Stay Connected (Kotney). Large communities need technology, because if these things were to be taken away it would be a hard life to live without them. Technology is the use of scientific knowledge on improving ways to do things. However, the real meaning of the word technology is not well known because it is so broad. We use many different technologies in our everyday activities, such as cell phones, computers, cars, etc. These different technologies make living easier. There are different branches of technology such as information technology, medical technology, and biotechnology. Updated technologies makes the world a smaller place to live in. As the years go by technology has improved more and more;

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