How Technology Affects My Life Essay

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How technology affects my life. The funniest thing on how technology affects my life in a whole, I can operate smooth as silk with my cellphone, laptop to accomplish any task on hand. My words come with ease to where in person I can find myself looking for the right word to say. Technology has evolved over the years. How much I depend on my devices to make life simpler for me in my professional and personal life. Technology has made my life much simpler as time goes by and I become busier than the past years. My cell phone is everything to me to keep my life in order. All my plans are put on my calendar on my phone. I’ve got a smartphone that has a calendar on it, but also is sync with my Google calendar to keep all my appointments and important plans on track for me. I can send mass texts at once to reach all the people I need to get information to in one place. I’m able to send information about a concert am promoting to all the people on my phone and all my contacts on my social networks via text on my phone. My phone alerts me in advance on anything I’ve label important. My appointments, concert dates, and birthdays are some of the important information I’ve got saved on my calendar on my phone. Text messaging has made doing business easier. I can send out group texts, to alert the people I need to get in touch with. I can communicate with my bosses and employees via a text. I can attach any file or pictures I need to my texts to get the out to the right people. In reference to the story, “Calling in Late,” I can relate to Ken Li, who arrived 23 minutes late for him to meet up with a friend at Schiller’s. Charade Woo, waiting with her phone at the bar, she seemed unruffled. “He did the polite thing,” she said. It is the polite thing to do when you’re running late to any occasion. I’ve either had people to text me about being late or me texting someone am

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