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How Successful Were Mussolini’s Domestic Policies Essay

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  • on March 1, 2012
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How successful were Mussolini’s domestic policies between 1926-1939?

From 1926-1939 Mussolini embarked on a series of domestic policies aimed to maintain and increase his popularity and power, whilst transforming the Italian people and economy into a nation committed to war. His policies included both successes and failures, culminating in him managing to maintain the ‘Cult of Dicismo’ but failing to create that battle read Italy he had envisaged.
His most successful achievement through these policies was the Concordat and the Lateran Treaties of 1929, which resulted in him having the backing of the Papacy, and hence the backing of the overwhelming catholic majority of the country. Whilst this meant he became as untouchable as the Church, and undisputed leader, the cost of the treaties, whilst appearing negligible compared to the benefits, was higher than it appears. Ironically, Mussolini could not create a totalitarian regime without the backing of the church, but at the same time the same Church greatly limited Mussolini and made the kind of totalitarian regime seen in Nazi Germany impossible. To get the Church to sign the Concordat and Lateran treaties he had to permit religious education in secondary schools, as well as catholic alternatives to the Balilla fascist youth movement and the fascist student movement. This meant that up to 1 in 6 young Italians were educated not in the ideology of fascism, but in that of Catholicism, an ideology that’s incompatible. This meant that Mussolini’s aim to rear a new fascist generation, and hence a completely fascist Italy, was impossible. The kind of unity behind fascism, as was seen in Germany, was made impossible by the independence Mussolini was forced to give to the Catholic Church, not just in education, but in media as well. Hence although for Mussolini it was a big success in the terms of him securing the countries support which made his whole regime possible, its success if limited by the Church’s...

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