How Successful Was Wilfrid Laurier Successful In Making Canada

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Many people believe that Sir Wilfrid Laurier was successful in making Canada what it is today. Laurier was only successful in splitting up the country and not unifying it at all because; of the Bo'er war, Reciprocity and The navy To start off, Laurier contribution to the Bo'er war in 1899 started the act of splitting up the Country. When Canada's great ally Britain asked for help during a war that started because of gold being found in Africa, Laurier caused anger in Canada. When Britain asked for troops Laurier came up with a compromise that he thought would please everyone in Canada. He said that he would send volunteer troops to help out with the war, but Britain would have to pay the costs for food and what not. This, angered the English and French which started the splitting up of the country. The English said that Laurier did not do enough to help out Britain, while the French said he…show more content…
In the 1900s, Great Britain and Germany where in a tight battle in between who could build the most war ships. But, Great Britain needed a bit of help from Canada. They asked that Canada would give money to Great Britain to help out with the construction of their navy. To answer to the call, Laurier bought two old boats from Great Britain to give them money. However, with this decision Laurier made the English and the French in Canada infuriated. The French where displeased with the fact that he bought bought ships which they thought was too much, but on the other hand the English thought he didn't do enough to help Great Britain in the naval race. To finish, Laurier again continued to split up Canada by the Canadian navy. In conclusion, Laurier split up Canada by sending troops to Africa to help Britain, by denying free trade with the United States and by buying ships from Great Britain. With too many compromises, Laurier lost the election in 1914 which ended his reign as prime minister of
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