How Successful Was the New Deal?

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How Successful was the New Deal? As Franklin D. Roosevelt was being elected in his campaign for presidency, he promised to get America out of the depression and stated how he was going to get all the Americans back to work, try and reestablish American industries and its agriculture, and finally contributing greatly to the sick and unemployed. To the people of America this was referred to the New Deal. In addition to this, Roosevelt began by emerging several acts such as, The Federal Relief Administration Act, The Civilian Corps Act, which was aimed at unemployed men, The Agricultural Adjustment Administration Act, and much more. To add on, the acts introduced had instantly affected the country positively. Regardless of the New Deals accomplishments, many wealthy businessmen argued that the New Deal was doing too little for the country. Furthermore, Roosevelt then came up with The Second New Deal. Roosevelt came up with a wide range of laws that allowed pension for the elderly people and trade unions to take effect. Many may argue the The New Deal did not help the country in any way. However, many may argue the opposite. The New Deal may have been a success as it created millions of jobs for the unprivileged for example, The Tennessee Valley Authority Act. This act focused on building dams and roads, thus leading up to numerous jobs for the people. Also, 200,000 black Americans gained more work from the The Civilian Conservation Corps.In addition, it created the Agriculture Adjustment Administration which helped to modernize farming methods and materials in order for farmers to create more goods. As mentioned before, one may argue that The New Deal did help Americans in any way. This may be because it never solved on going economic issues that the government was encountering and this, found complicating. Furthermore,some acts of the New
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