How Successful Was Gladstone’s First Ministry 1868-74?

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How successful was Gladstone’s First Ministry 1868-74? Gladstone’s first ministry was fairly successful, due to the fact that Gladstone did manage to do a lot of what he set out to do, which was proved as some acts became long term, and others were seen to have strong impact at the time. Although, having said that there were some of Gladstone’s acts that were passed which received opposition who disapproved with his choices. All of the acts passed, although some controversial, did highlight the policy of Gladstonian Liberalism. There are many ways that Gladstone’s First Ministry could be considered to be successful. Firstly, Gladstone had a passion to pacify Ireland, this was because he feared other countries would use Ireland as an invasion base to attack Britain. Also Irish nationalists called Fenians tried to seize power of churches, which lead to the ‘Disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Ireland 1869’ The terms of the act allowed the church to govern itself as it was no longer legally established by parliament. It was seen as so liberal it was radical and extended the principal of religious liberalism to Ireland. Another successful act passed involving Ireland was the ‘Irish Land Act 1870’ Tenants were now given compensation for eviction and there were limitations of landlord power, it was a step to improving Ireland, even though it was not as successful as the previous act, and had more opposition as Irish nationalists wanted British landlords to leave Ireland completely. Gladstone was the first British politician to tackle the unfair way in which Ireland was run, showing his dedication, motivating his successes. In addition to the points above, Gladstone’s First Ministry was also successful in its removal of unjustified privileges. An example of this is the ‘Civil Service Act 1870’, Gladstone hated wastage and inefficiency, therefore to
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