How Succesful a General Was Douglass Haig Essay

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Douglass Haig was born on the 19th of June 1861 he was born into a rich family who owned a Whiskey business. He studied at Oxford university and later on went into the Royal Military Academy. He then served as a calvary officer for nine years in India. It seemed that Mr.Haig was every inch qualified and cut out to be a great leader and General. On the outbreak of war in 1914, Haig was commanding the british Expeditionary force's 1st Army Corps, whose overall commander was Sir John French. By the end of 1915, it was clear that French was totally rubbish at his job, and in December Haig was appointed commander in chief replacing French. Douglas Haig was like marmite you loved him or you hated him. some people believed that he made an excellent general, he had an air of superiority to him which inspired some soldiers whilst others thought that any replacement would be better than Haig for no one could be as foolish at him. So Haig's in charge, Britain is ready for war- what went so wrong, or would it be easier to ask what went right? Douglass Haig's worst offence was the bloodbath he initially caused at the battle of the somme in July 1st 1916 and it lasted till November 1916. Haig was extremely traditional. He believed that, in battle, you had to go in with an army, conquer everything and then bring out the calvary to finish everything off. This traditional plan would've worked for any other battle but world war one was on a disastrous other league. Because of this Haig needed to come up with a whole new battle plan. He decided that what they would do is shell the enemy line for 7 days using a very large number of shells and then for the troops to walk over no-mans land and occupy the trenches. Haig believed in his plans so much that he thought that their was no need for the soldiers to run across no mans land, he insisted that they walk at steady pace with their

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