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How Stress Affect Immune System Essay

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Below is an essay on "How Stress Affect Immune System" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Let’s have more teen pregnancy”, it is an essay written by Frederica Mathewes-Green, the author of many essays, books and she also has been commentator for National Public Radio (NPR). She has been awarded many times for her appeared publications.
    In the article “Let’s have more teen pregnancy” Frederica Methewes-Green answers the question, if the the teen pregnancy is a bad idea?   She stands for that teen pregnancy in itself is not a bad idea. By the age of 18, a woman body is well developed and prepared to having children. Also men in this age is qualified to be a father. Ms Methewes-Green writes that a woman’s fertility begins to decline a 25, having child in a young age will save parents from possible health risk such as Cesarean section and Down syndrome. Therefore, early childbearing rewards a woman’s health and protects against breast cancer.   According to author it is very recommended to be young parents, because they seem to have more patient with children behavior. Young moms are better with child-rearing.
    Frederica Mathewes-Green relates to statistics in order to overview the marriage delay. Over the years people begun to wait longer before they got married. According to statistics in 1950 the average first-time bride was just over 20, then in 1998 bride and groom were much older. Young adults would rather wait longer to save money towards the wedding day and also to be able to support a family. The economic depression might have caused such a delay.
    In America artificial situation causes the marriage to be delayed. The ratio of the age that people can make reasonable money increased to their education level. Nowadays   requirements of employability are higher.
Therefore young adult put emphases on education and attain the credentials before they tie the knot. Furthermore she discusses the differences between the childhood today and in the past.   From early years children were trained to become adult. They helped   keep   the house or...

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