How Sport and Politics Inter-Relate, Using Examples from Extended Texts

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Research; write up 1. What is the political context in which the sporting event is set? (time, place, context) 2. What effect did the sporting event have on politics as a consequence? 3. What was the immediate outcome of the situation? 4. What impact did the event have on the individuals involved? Intro Judgements Quotes Linking Sentence Conclusion Teams Involved | Event | Date | Political Situation | Book | USA – USSR | Ice Hockey | 1980 | Cold War | Miracle (movie) | South Africa | Rugby (1995 RWC) | 1995 | Apartheid | Playing the enemy | Israeli Olympics team/Assasins | Olympics | 1972 | Assassination | Vengeance | Joe Louis – Max Schmeling | Boxing | 1938 | WW2 | Beyond Glory | Miracle Written by Eric Guggenheim Directed by Gavin O’Connor 1. This film is set in 1980, at the winter Olympics. The match was between the USA and the USSR. Through the 1970’s tensions between the two world super-powers had been rising as a part of the Cold War. The USA had invaded a USSR backed Vietnam and Cambodia, President Nixon had had to resign as a result of the Watergate Scandal and the entire country had become “a crisis of confidence”. The USSR on the other hand had been steadily gaining wealth, although it was beginning to run out and just a year earlier, in 1979, had begun their invasion of Afghanistan. 2. The result of the game was favourable to the USA, who won 4-3, and reflected the shift in power. The people of America saw the game as a sign of their countries regained dominance, after the USSR had dominated ice hockey as well as most political events, the power was now shifting towards the Americans who had a new found confidence. This new found power enabled the Americans to increase their political, military and economic pressure on the USSR, eventually leading to uprisings in its satellite states, causing the collapse of
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