How Speed Changed My Life Essay

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How Speed Changed My Life Speed has changed my life in many ways, but I think this story will stick out. This story is about the first time I ever rode a fast roller coaster. It was at Kennywood, riding the Phantom’s Revenge. The first time I rode it was in seventh grade and this is what happened. I was going there on the annual band trip to Kennywood. I was planning on going on the Phantom’s Revenge and was excited. When we finally got there, we decided to go on some other coasters first. I wasn’t really scared because I had ridden them before. When our group had decided it was time, I went along and acted like I wasn’t scared. When we got to the ride it was still crowded, but maybe a little less. When we got on I was REALLY scared. As the ride started I got very anxious. As we were going up the hill I was thinking about yelling to stop the ride. I didn’t though. As we were slowly nearing the top there was a bee flying in front of me that scared me. It scared me because, actually, I am allergic to bees. When we hit the top was the scariest part. But when we went down, I realized it was really fun. The speed of the coaster gave me a feeling in my stomach, which I loved. The force of the coasters speed and going around turns made me grin with glee. It was the best ride I had ever been on. I’m glad I didn’t yell stop the ride. This is how speed changed my life. I know it may seem simple, but the feeling made me regret ever being scared. Over all I’m very glad that I had the chance to change my life with speed. I now have ridden that coaster several

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