How Social Order Is Produced

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THEORY OF SOCIAL ORDER Social order: the manner in which a society is organized and the rules and standards required to maintain that organization. (Farlex) It is basically the totality of interpersonal human relationship in the society. Social Disorder: Excessive fear of embarrassment in social situations that is extremely intrusive and can have huge effects on the personal and professional relationships. It can also be called social phobia. It is very persistence and can be termed as a irrational fear of certain situations or objects (, 2000) INTRODUCTION: Erving Goffman and Michael Foucault are social scientists trying to explain that how social order is created in a society and where is it originated from. To start with let me talk about who creates social order so according to Goffman the people in the way of living and actions in their day to day life determines the social order. INTERACTION ORDER According to Goffman social interaction is a deliberate interaction between the person and the social entities and environment. The behaviour and the style of a person depend on the impression he wants to create in the minds of the other person. The social interaction is manipulated. According to him the presentation of self is just like a stage performance and the person presents himself in a particular manner when he is in front of other people in order to control their views regarding him like a front stage performance and becomes his real self when alone like back stage. He emphasizes on the fact that a part of the personality is kept hidden as anything which is socially not acceptable or will embarrass the person is not disclosed. He even says that the person can change roles and there is difference between the role and self but the main social role remains the same like when a student studying in New York university works
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