How Significant Were the Personalities of the Contenders to Succeed Lenin in Accounting for Stalin’s Defeat of His Opponents 1924-29?

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•How significant were the personalities of the contenders to succeed Lenin in accounting for Stalin’s defeat of his opponents 1924-29? After Lenin’s death, a leadership struggle for leadership took place in which the main contenders (Stalin, Trotsky, Bukharin, Zinoviev and Kamenev) each fought to take control of the communist government. Ultimately Joseph Stalin managed to defeat his opponents and take control. I believe that the personalities of opponents were a reason for the defeat of opponents such as Trotsky seen as being very arrogant and Bukharin being untrusting. However I think more important factors such as luck for Stalin like how Lenin’s death came at the right time, Stalin’s ideologies and how he support the right policies at the right time and in my judgement the most important factor was Stalin’s devious malicious and devious tactics against his opponents such as fooling Trotsky when Lenin’s funeral was and making him look aloof and his constant side swapping to suit his popularity. One of the reason Stalin defeat his opponents was because of their own personalities. Compare to Stalin who was a simple character which meant he could be underestimate and therefore manipulate people easily. His opponents were seen as negative. Firstly Trotsky was Jewish , which made him unpopular and many thought he would have a negative impact on Russia if he was in charge due to his arrogance and also untrustworthiness as he’d only joined the party in 1917. These factors made it easy for Stalin to manipulate people to have Trotsky removed from the party by comparing him to a military dictator like Napoleon. The other contender for power apart from Trotsky was Bukharin, although he lacked Trotsky’s arrogance. He was the youngest of the contenders and many of the older members of the party believed him to be too young and naïve to rule the country. Bukharin was
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