How Significant Was Ho Chi Minh in the Vietnamese Struggle Against, and Victory over the French?

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Ho Chi Minh, the vital leader in Vietnam's fight for independence had an enormous impact on the struggle against, and victory over the French. His early influences and surroundings whilst growing up had a significant impact in shaping Ho's views on French colonisation, leading him to establish the Indo-Chinese Communist Party, (the ICP). Through his political involvement in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh became the founder of the Viet Minh, where he gained essential support, resulting in many of his successes. His ability to appeal to all Vietnamese people led to him being perceived as a patriot by the Vietnamese. As well as being respected by his people, Ho Chi Minh was able to skilfully manipulate the French through his "superior political manoeuvring" . Ho Chi Minh was born in May 1890 into a poor peasant family in Ngue An province. The particular region in which he was born was renowned as being the centre of resistance to French rule, where many rebellions occurred. Ho's father's strong rebellious view of the French colonising Vietnam had an enormous impact in shaping Ho's own opinion and view of the French. In 1925, after arriving in Canton, Ho established the revolutionary youth league of Vietnam. This was the first significant step towards Ho's aspiration of a communist-governed Vietnam. However, as well as the Communists International (Comintern), there were other factions claiming to represent Communism in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh eventually brought together a new party of all the Communist groups, to form the ICP. The founding of the ICP by Ho in 1930 sparked a new era of the first serious challenges against French authority in Vietnam. As a result of the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, the ICP were able to operate with more power through the relaxation of the French in Vietnam. Please note! This is not an example of text written by our writers!
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