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How significant was Cavour in determining the outcome of Italian unification? There is a historical debate about the significance of Cavour in determining the outcome of Italian unification in 1861. Cavour played a large role in the final outcome of unification, for example introducing successful diplomacy and co-operation with France however he was not the only figure who played a role as figures such as Napoleon III of France in the battle of Solferino and Garibaldi also had large bearings that could not be ignored. A major role of Cavour’s was securing the assistance of the French. In a secret meeting in Plombieres between Cavour and Napoleon III in summer 1858, it was agreed that a joint war against Austria would take place. In return for this war, Italy would gain from Austria the possession of Lombardy, Venetia, as well as the duchies of Parma and Modena. France would regain Savoy and Nice from Italy. If the war was to be successful for the French and Italians, Italy would take control of the regions that have been for so long controlled by Austria. Back in Italian possession would be a major step to Unification. However, Italy and France could not simply declare war. Austria had to be the aggressor so Cavour’s aim was to provoke Austria enough to actually get Austria to start the war. Austria became increasingly aggravated by Cavour’s provocation and on the 29th April 1849, they declared war on Italy. Cavour had succeeded in his provocation attempts and now had the backing of the French to face Austria with. There were two big battles. On June 4th 1859, saw the battle of Magenta and on the 24th June saw the battle of Solferino. They were both very big, and brutal battle which involved heavy losses. French and Piedmontese armies emerged victorious. Another role that Cavour played that heavily contributed to Italian unification was when he intervened in the

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