How Setting Affected Benetha

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Rashad Brame Per 6 10/31/10 Mr. Dauchot How Setting Affected Benetha Whether one recognizes it or not, the environment they inhabit, and the people they encounter on a daily basis affects them in a very profound way. Keeping this in consideration, one is in full control of how their setting affects them. They can be driven to escape their setting, or they can let their setting become a hindrance. Good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong your setting plays a major role in your life and what happens in it. In “A Raisin in the Sun”, the author Lorraine Hansberry depicts her characters, the Younger’s within a hopeless and impoverished setting. In doing so, Hansberry utilizes her knowledge of knowing that individuals are indeed affected by their setting. Hansberry also illustrates that despite an individual’s environment; one can escape from the shackles of hopelessness, poverty, and discrimination and accomplish their dreams. Hansberry illustrates this most through her character Benetha. In this novel, Benetha is the main character’s (Walter) sister, and the daughter of one of the other main characters (Mama). She is a college student with aspirations of becoming a doctor, which in the 1950’s was mostly unheard of. All throughout the novel, Benetha searches for her true identity “Benetha, a mild self-parody of the artist herself when she was ten years younger, seeks identity as an adult by rebelling against the traditional religion of her mother…” (825). While searching, she is greatly influenced and affected by her two boyfriends; Joseph Asagai and George Murchison. Benetha leans more towards the opinions held by Asagai. Asagai, a Nigerian native denounces assimilation, and urges Benetha to embrace her African roots “…mutilated hair and all…were you born with it like that… and so to accommodate that-you

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