How Safe Is Your Cellphone

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Peter-John D. Mclean English-098 How safe is your Cell Phone? There has been much controversy relating to cellphone usage. Adults and children all over the world are known for relying on their cell phones for emergency situations, recreational use, and also to simply contact their peers and loved ones to check up on them. While reading the article, “How safe is your cell phone?” I came across many interesting perspectives which has allowed me to become much more aware of the possible dangers of cell phone use. There has been many studies suggesting the possible dangers of cell phone usage as well as many studies refuting the idea associating the carcinogenic effects after cell phone usage. Cell phone usage may have a lasting effect on the human body while there has been increasing number of people using cell phones; there has also been an increase in the amount of individuals diagnosed with cancer yearly. Cell phones are an innovated and productive technology which has not only saved lives but has made communication so much more effective. In addition, it is not only important but imperative that people continue to research the long lasting effects that cell phone usage may or may not have. There is simply not enough evidence stating that cell phone usage does not affect individuals, while there is not enough evidence that it does. It is most definitely frustrating that large organizations like the National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization state that there is not enough evidence to support the claim that cell phones pose a threat, but is there enough evidence to say that it does not is the question. As an active user of technology I often question the effects it may have on my body while it does not decrease my usage it makes me much more aware of possible long term complications. In closing, as a tech suave individual I can only hope for a
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