How Rteens Spend Their Leisure Time Essay

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CxC SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT (S.B.A) (YEAR 2014) Name of candidate: Akeem walker School: Haile Selassie high school Centre: 100043 Candidate#: 100043 Teacher: Ms D Singh ------------------------------------------------- Title: Do teenagers spend their leisure time in the community of Marine Park? Table of contents Pages Acknowledgement ________________________________________ (i) Introduction______________________________________________ (ii) Statement of the problem____________________________________ (iii) Method of investigation______________________________________ (iii) Instrument used to collect data_______________________________ (iii) Procedures used in explanation of data__________________________ (viii) Interpretation of data________________________________________ (viii) Findings______________________________________________________ (xiii) Recommendations_____________________________________________ (xiv) Appendices ___________________________________________________ (xiv) Acknowledgements The successful completion of study would not have been possible without the assistance and cooperation of a number of people. I would like to thank the resident of marine park for their massive support and valuable time spent an answering the questionnaires given. My teacher misses Singh for being a constant source of encouragement and assistance. Introduction Leisure is a free time spent away from business, work and domestic chores. It also excludes time spent on necessary activities such as sleeping and, where it is compulsory, education. The work aimed to determine

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