How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers Essay

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How Roche Diagnostics Develops Global Managers Human Resource Management December 12, 2012 Discuss who is responsible for producing global leaders. Global leadership is the ability to influence individuals, groups, and organizations that are unlike you (Walker, 2011). Culture shapes how we think about what is good leadership, and the definitions of an "effective leader" vary from one culture to another (Development, 2012). Who is responsible for prodcing global leaders? Though there is no single path to becoming a global leader. Our educational systems, school, colleges and along with an organization human resource department plays an important role in helping to develop global leaders. Everyone in some respect is a leader, but it takes a special quality to become a global leader. When a company is considering choosing a global leader the human resource department must consider all the characteristics that makes this person the best candidate for the job. Global leaders must have a core set of global characteristics, which are inquisitiveness, perspective, character, and practical understanding (Green, 2012). Global leaders are different from domestic leaders. Global leaders are dealing with business and cultures. Global leadership differs from culture to culture. A global leader must be flexible, sensitive to cultural differences, able to handle complexity, and have a willingness to think globally. In your professional field, explain the possible ramifications of not having global leaders In today’s world, it is hard to imagine not having a global leader to represent your business and even the country. Global leaders help keep us connected with countries. The environment in which organizations operate is rapidly becoming a global one (Noe,Hollenbeck,Gerhart,Wright, 2011). By not having a global

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