How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

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How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution? The American Revolution was very revolutionary. With the American Revolution came an opening for change in not only America but also the world. This revolution opened the eyes of many people to stand up for what they believe in and change will follow. The American Revolution was very revolutionary by leading to change. The American Revolution led to political, economic, and social change. Before the American Revolution there was no government ruled by citizens. Instead the only governments that were formed were monarchies. The act of knocking down King George III statue represented a great political change between England and America (Doc. A). The political system formed by the American revolution also greatly differed from Europe. That was because the sense of the American government is that because all men are created equal and the government got their power from the people (Doc B). The American Revolution was revolutionary by bringing change in economy. Due to the Revolution there was a big change at the state level where power went to the less wealthy (Doc I). Also the economy was changed by abolishing primogeniture (Doc G). Doing so enabled other people to get wealthy without having come from a wealthy family. Economy was an initiative to stop prevents people from supporting Great Britain. Farmers were given pre-emption rights which would increase the economy (Doc E). The new government built after the American Revolution was built on the foundation of fundamental economic interests (Doc H). The American Revolution was Revolutionary by bringing social changes. There were new relationships between people of different classes. The common people and the upper Americans hung ou together (Doc D). The Revolution triggered thoughts about equality and abolishing slavery. Many Northern states abolished slavery shortly

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