How Representative Are Your Congressional Represe Essay

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How Representative Are Your Congressional Representatives? Member of congress serve as our legislative representatives. We have district representation and our state representation. But their came a point and time that we wonder if representative responsibility considered the vices of the people. In order to fine the answer to this question we have to look are many aspects. On February 17, the middle class tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, was sing by President Obama. This bill was is to extend the payroll tax holiday, employment compensation, Medicare physicians’ payment, and other purpose. This bill was sponsor by Rep. Cam Davie, while other oppose of the bill. Voting on the bill has both on a big debt among the district respective and the state senators. The bill has reactive 293 yea votes from the district respective. Thus, 132 nay votes. One of the voting voices, my district respective Sheila Jackson Lee voted yes. She is the voice of District 18 and part of the democrat party. Her value is to support and help the people. A total of 60 senators voted yes on the bill and a total of 36 replied nay. Out the votes was the Texas senator John Cornyn and Kay Hutchison. They both voted against the bill beginning passed. They are both party of the Republican Party. I believe, their values are that the government should not give handouts. Within district 18, with sever the inner city Houston and surrounding are mostly vote Democrat in every presidential election. It has a population of about 65,619, median income of $31,293 and ethnicity of mix cultures. This district is made up of Middle class people. Reviewing, the information of the census and debts of the house of representative. I think both party are representing the voice of the people to their knowledge. The Democrat party is the voice of the middle and low class. While the Republican the

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