How Reading Has Changed My Life Essay

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TORI’S TEA PARTY On a nice Summer-Saturday a six year-old girl named Victoria but her friends call her “Tori”. She was having a tea party with her closest friends their names are Liz (short for Elizabeth), Katy (short for Katherine) and Anne (short for Annabelle). As she set her tea-party table she heard a ding-dong she ran as fast as she could and do you know what happened BANG went Tori’s head on the floor, as her mom just waxed it. “Remember Tori if you run on slippery floors”. As her mom went on talking about safety and all that, the door-bell rang again. “Liz, Katy, Anne!” Tori said I thought you would have never come, the little princesses where having the tea party in Tori’s balcony. As the tiara wearing, ball gown beholding pretend princesses sat do say that Tori’s balcony was so beautiful, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP “what was that” Liz asked full of fright “a probably book just fell down stairs” said Katy acting grouchy THUMP, THUMP, THUMP “there it is again and it sounds even scarier” said Liz jiggling like a jelly fish “oh for the love of… WILL you stop acting like a scaredy-cat!” shouted Anne “you know for someone who bears the name of a very powerful woman you all know Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England you are very babyish and I don’t like that” said Anne full of anger and rage “ that is enough don’t act like that Anne that’s very hurtful and Liz can be scared for life, that’s how she at Anne “now look what you’ve done you’ve made Liz cry, Katy and I are going to wipe of Liz’s tears and when we come back you are going to apologize to poor old Liz” now it looks like this tea party is going to be ruined because of Anne’s behavior but maybe things are going to be a little bit twisted. Anne waited for about ten minutes “how long does it take to wipe of a few crocodile tears” said Anne acting very impatient. Anne went to the living room looking for everybody

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