How Reading Has Changed My Life Essay

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I’ve always been a curious individual who requires reasonable explanations for almost everything I come across in my life. In spite of my inquisitive nature, I had lacked the yearning to constantly be reading. Over time I realized what a massive disadvantage I was creating for myself. Television and social networking had taken over all my free time. I was beginning to notice a deficiency in my vocabulary and I was no longer aware of current events. I decided that it was about time that I change this bad habit and work towards reading more. Ever since I began reading a lot more, like I used to as a child, I noticed an apparent increase in my vocabulary. Reading supplied me with a higher level of knowledge on various distinct topics including politics, the health field, and even sociology. Many of these topics actually represent interests I have had for so long yet I had never put forth any effort in reading about them. Now I can actually engage in conversation with other people who share similar interests, and I can provide input. Without reading, I would not be feeling this sense of accomplishment. If I had expressed more of an interest in reading earlier in my life, I can sure that I would be far beyond the level which I am currently at. I have a few friends who love to read, and sometimes I stand there in awe over the amount of knowledge they contain. Not only are these friends well informed about everything that is happening around the world, but they also have so much to bring to a conversation. The big gap unproductive gap in my life makes me regret my decisions not to be reading whenever I had time. Even though many people say that they are busy and do not have enough time to read; it is just another excuse. I am a student with a heavy load of classes, however I still plenty of time for myself. But in the past I had spent all that time engaging in

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