How Queen Elizabeth Came to Power

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How Queen Elizabeth Came To Power Queen Elizabeth I will go down as one of the greatest rulers of England. But her story of how she came to power is even better. Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, and multiple religious changes were all factors that lead to Elizabeth I coming to power. Henry VIII, was Elizabeth’s father, was married to Anne Boleyn. But, Anne was Henry’s second wife which has never been a “normal” thing. Henry had changed England’s religion from Catholicism to the Church of England (Protestant) and put himself at the head of the church. He did this so he could divorce Catherine of Aragon, and marry Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII did this multiple times, six to be exact. Later in time his oldest daughter, Mary, married. Mary Tudor married Phillip II of Spain. This marriage expanded Mary’s power. Then Mary changed the religion of England back to Roman Catholicism, but she didn’t get the name “Bloody Mary” for any reason. During her reign, she had 287 Protestants that refused to covert executed. Mary was given her nickname after her death. Just before then, she had passed down the crown to her younger half sister, Elizabeth. Now, Mary had thought Elizabeth would maintain the Catholic faith in England. But Mary never knew what Elizabeth had in mind. Elizabeth established Protestantism as the England's religion once again. During her reign, a major accomplishment of hers was the defeat of the Spanish Armada of 132 by the English fleet of 34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels. Elizabeth earned a lot of respect from her people, and was referred to as “The Peoples Queen”. Now, what if someone else had come to power? Would scientific thinker such as Sir Francis Bacon, or famous writers like William Shakespeare, be encouraged to emerge and share their works? Maybe, maybe not. If Henry VIII never changed the Church of England, Elizabeth would have never been born! In

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