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How Ptsd Can Twist One's Mind Essay

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  • on May 15, 2012
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How PTSD can twist one’s mind
The human mind is so vulnerable that an aftermath of a traumatic event can alter our personality and morality and especially its impact on adolescent is crucial. PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder also known as acute stress disorder is pattern that arises in reaction to a psychologically traumatic event. A traumatic event can cause a person to become highly anxious and depressed, and more over the anxiety and depression persist well after the situation is over. Death of others can easily trigger PTSD and soldiers often experience this particular kind of stress disorder. The author of the book “A long way gone”, Ishmael Beah is an unfortunate victim of PTSD, who was nakedly exposed to the touch of war. As a child soldier Beah went through extraordinary experience, which a majority of American could never comprehend or relate to. Victims of PTSD may be battered by recurring memories, dreams or nightmares connected to the event. Flashbacks are also common to be occur, the event will revisit the victim vividly as if it is actually happening again. In the book, Beah recalled, “In my mind’s eye I would see sparks of flame, flashes of scenes I had witnessed, and the agonizing voices of children and women would come alive in my head. I cried quietly as my head beat like the clapper of a bell.” (Beah 103) These flashbacks plague the victims mind religiously and can cause serious damage to the victim. Many have the assumption that healing from PTSD is to forget about the past and get on with the present life. In fact the past experience should never be forgotten, instead the scar of the event shall remain and the patient should learn to face the past.
PTSD impacts one’s life tremendously, especially so for someone who is in his adolescence. In the book Beah experienced a confusion of his identity. Having his family and peers killed, he finds himself lost and struggling to find a role in shaping his sense of personal identify. Adolescence...

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