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How Professional Knowledge and Abilities Affect Career Success Edward Muna GEN 200 August 15, 2011 Heather Todd In a person’s career, the development of their professional knowledge and their abilities are important to be successful. Knowledge and abilities are gain through separate entities outside the organization. This paper will explain the Army’s Non-Commission Officer Education System and the levels offered through its Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, what each NCOES school offers, and how knowledge and abilities gained will affect a person’s career success. It will give a general understanding of the Army’s enlisted structure and the importance of the NCOES. Professional Organization The Army and its Non-Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) provides the Army’s leaders continuing professional knowledge through a solid foundation to build the skills needed to lead and train the Army of the future. As Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) progress they will attend a higher level of Army learning. The knowledge and abilities gained will be progressive and sequential to the NCO Corps. The Army’s NCOES will continue to harness and leverage new technologies which will afford new avenues of unlimited possibilities for educating its future leaders. The Warrior Leader Course (WLC) is the first leadership course NCOs attend. WLC is a two week course that teaches our junior leaders, specialist and corporals, the basic skills to lead a small group of soldiers. This course is fast paced and intense with special emphasis on leadership skills and prepares them for the advancement of sergeant. It introduces and explains the Army values, attributes, skills, and actions. The Advanced Leader Course focuses on sergeants and staff sergeants. It teaches leadership skills, NCO duties, responsibility and authority, and how to conduct

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