How Personal Values Affect Our Growth In Life

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Personal Values are not dictated by law, profession or society. They are principles that define you as an individual. These are inner feeling that directs us to respond to a particular situation. How we interact and understand other people is largely an outcome of our personal values. Individuals who reinforce some of the good values in life based on truthfulness, sincerity and integrity are observed to be warm, affectionate and friendly towards others. Inner feelings and beliefs affect and influence decision making and relationship towards others. Personal values, such as honesty, reliability, and trust, determine how you will face the world and relate with others. Much of the tension and dispute in the world, I believe is mainly the outcome of deterioration in the values that people all together hold. It can do a great harm to people in particular and society at large to see deterioration in their personal values. The capacity to judge others is influenced by what you think to be the most important aspect of life. Is it success, coexistence, tolerance, truthfulness, fair play or manipulative practices? A person who values success as the single most important aspect of life will often try to outwit others, at times through coercive means. Their dealings with others will be based on how much they can be successful in the relationship. These days society puts lot of premium on success rather than on good values. Hence, everyone thinks that they have to be successful in a profession, business and towards accumulating wealth. They expect to gain respect and recognition by being successful. This pressure for success often results in compromising on certain values based on truthfulness. There are individuals who lose sight of good personal values of life due to such pressures in modern life. People tend to look for short cuts to the problems of life which are

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