How Pepsi Corp Managed Diversity Essay

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Dell Malaysia New Roles of Chief Information Officer In today’s markets or economies business leaders like for Dell Malaysia are looking to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of their corporation’s while making sure that they minimize resource consumption, due to this initiative Dell Malaysia like corporate have Chief information Officer “Mr. Robin Johnson” to make sure that they bridge the technology gap that have been existing for years. Dell Malaysia Chief information Officer’s main duty is to influence and oversight over all the Information technology-related spend in the corporate, this is the strategic role insuring the corporate develops and maintain its information processing and digital assets in line with company’s business goals. Robin Johnson, Dell CIO. Robin Johnson serves as vice president and chief information officer for Dell as a part of Dell Services. As CIO, Mr. Johnson 's responsibilities span Dell's global information systems, applications and technology infrastructure. Mr. Johnson joined Dell in May 2005 as IT vice president and regional CIO for Europe, Middle East and Africa and subsequently served as IT vice president for Dell’s sales and marketing systems globally. His philosophy on integrating sustainable practices into Dell’s global IT infrastructure and data center design have made Dell’s infrastructure a model for green IT. For example, Dell installed software on 50,000 of its desktop and notebook computers that helps reduce energy waste by turning off computers overnight, and then repowering them from a centralized command the next morning. The result is an estimated 40 percent reduction in energy costs each year, which translates to around $1.8 million in annual cost savings. Robin’s team also used aggressive virtualization to remove around 5,000 servers from Dell’s data centers, and has found ways to cut energy use

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