How Our Culture Affects Language

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In Ambers short video, “The Favorite Poem Project” she explains the history behind her favorite song. She begins to reminisce over the wonderful nights when her father would sing her to sleep with this traditional Native American prayer. Passing this on to future generations will surely become a cultural tradition, but what would happen if her Native language no longer exsisted? The song that she loved so dearly would also diminish, leaving future generations to question their heritage. Sharing a cultural tradition involving your native language forms a deeper connection within your family. Having this brings security to the family, it acknowledges the fact that you all come from the same place, that you are all one in the same. Since Amber picked this traditional prayer over every other poem out there shows just how significant this experience has been to her. If American English was lost, many things would change about our culture. Exactly what would change depends on what language we “transition” to, so I'll be as general as possible. The way we spell, the structure in which we write and the way we use grammar would change drastically. If all of that changed then the way we think and comprehend each other may also transform, this is the idea of linguistic determinism. They say that “language reflects cultural reality” so whatever language has taken over, their cultural beliefs and practices will naturally show you the words that you need to survive, and the attitude that is socially acceptable. Another thing that language could change about our culture is the way we use kinetics to interact with one another. Most languages have body movements that are made to convey a message, different cultures have different gestures. Even the way we move could change, people just go with the flow of things like this because no one wants to give off the wrong message.
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