How Osborne Played a Role in Journeys End Essay

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Generic Application Software Anything that can be executed digitally is called software. CAM Computer aided manufacturing Different types of machines, etc. are manufactured using computers CAD –Computer aided design Eg. Photoshop, Pagemaker Many things work on design made by computers. Lots of software, which is used for a specific task or more than one task is called a package. CAL – Computer aided learning Financial Accounting Package, CAD, CAL HW AutoCAD Supports CAD Blueprints of the product – buildings, Machinery, buildings. Before AutoCAD – Draftsman – A person who prepares technical drawings and plans under the direction of an architect or engineer. The main use of excel – Numerical data can be converted into graphical formats, charts, etc. immediately. Microsoft access – Arrange several numbers of records. One record will consist of a number of fields Example of fields – Name, DOB, Phone Number, City, etc. = ONE RECORD Flow Chart ANSI – American National Standard Institute Came into existence so that the graphic symbols can be accepted universally. The standardization of computers mostly happened in 1983 and the computers became universally accepted. Flow chart is pre documentation and not post documentation. Example of pre documentation – Before writing a program, you have to document what your program is about before you actually write the program. Why they make a flow chart before writing the flowchart/algorithm/pseudo-code – To make it easy while writing the program. If you don’t, you will have many more problems. Different shapes in a flowchart- * Oval – This shape tells you where the flowchart begins and ends. * Rectangle – The rectangle is the most common shape. It is used to show a process, task, action, or operation. It shows something that has to be done or an action that has to be

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