How Online Education Is Changing My Life

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English 1010: Composition & Rhetoric, Section 119807 Essay Assignment 1-Narrative Argument “How Online Education Is Changing My Life” During the fall of 2008, I had to make a decision to further my education and broaden my career path, or remain at a point in my life where, I was not living up to the skills, that I had. As always, I have believed that having an education was and continues to be the most vital decision anyone can make, if the student would like to be successful in his or her life. While I was being face with the chance to carry on my education, I had to take a look at all aspects of an education. I had to figure out if a traditional classroom setting or an online course would be more beneficial to my busy life and me. Even though the two different ways of obtaining an education are very similar, the teaching technique is slightly different. To me online education has been one of the relaxed ways to get through many of my college classes. I can absorb what I want to learn whenever or wherever I would like. I began taking online classes because it was tough for me to meet the expense of daycare for my children, transportation to and from my school was hectic; and taking off from work or cutting my days and hours back was just not in my budget, just to attend a classroom lesson. I had many personal commitments to deal with on a regular basis that did not allow me to sit in a classroom for several hours. Being a full-time mother, a student, and an employee with goals, online classes became the best way for me to get the education needed. It has been easier to study and get my coursework done in my own free time, and I was able to get a better understanding of the material at my own pace. Not worrying about finding, a traditional class to fit my busy routine has been a huge relief for me; it has allowed me to concentrate more on

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