How Not to Think About Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Essay

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How Not to Think About Christianity, Islam, and Judaism There many numerous types of religion in the world and most known are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Typically, majority of the followers for a specific religion are from same race, while other religions are diverse. Christianity is one of religion that has the followers worldwide of different races. It’s very popular and it has more followers than any other religion. Islam is one of the religions of the Arabic, and their god is known by Allah. Judaism is a religion followed by Jews. It has many followers but mostly only Jews. They have many different Gods. The name of God in Judaism use is (YHWH), also known as the Tetragrammaton. Christianity with well over two billion followers throughout the world, Christianity is an Abrahamic religion centered on God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. One of the big issues surrounding Christianity is that some people question the existence of the Trinity. Other points of debate are the Christian beliefs in Immaculate Conception, the original sin, the existence of the Devil, and the coming of the apocalypse. Christianity became the world's largest religion with holidays that are known worldwide. The world has a misguided view as to what Christianity is and how it treats those who disagree with its believers. Contrary to some even in our own government, Christianity is not a violent religion when it is practiced according to design, and does not deserve being placed on a terrorist watch list. Islam more than one billion people in the world follow Islam, worship Allah, believe in angels, and consider Muhammad as the latest prophet. These are only a few of the beliefs set by the religion that is disciplined and strict in its rules and customs. The Five Pillars guide Muslim life, as do the Qur'an, the Hadith, and the fatwas which contribute to the Sharia.

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