How Not to Fail Essay

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Failing: How Not to Do It How Not To Fail HOW NOT TO FAIL Failing: How Not to Do It Failing, is the single worst thing for a college student. You can turn in papers late, or get a low grade on a test. Even with those things you can still pass a class, but unless you have an effective plan. One cannot hope to get through a class in college. While this is intimidating there is a way. By using proper time management, discipline and support, a student can avoid failing a class. Yet you cannot begin without first balancing the one thing that you cannot change. Being able to use time management wisely is the first step in successfully passing a class. Now take a moment to think about it, just how much of someone’s day is wasted because they just do not know what to do? I am sure that if you really thought about it a person can find quite a bit of time wasted in a day. I do not mean as in just standing still or sitting on a couch. How about driving to the store only to remember that person had to go somewhere right next to their house? That would not be so bad if they did not have to go across town afterward. Now they have wasted time and gas going back and forth. If that person had planned out the day and managed their time, it would not have been wasted. That is the same thing with school work. If a time is not set aside to do it, chances are it will not get done. So now time has been planned and set aside, now what? Even with time set aside, not having the discipline to get it done is just no good. I could set aside two hours to read my text and get the homework done. Yet I look over at my game controller and just want to get my game on. To make matters worse I get a text from my friend telling me he needs my help with a match. Just how easy is it to set a book down, pick up that controller and go at it. Without proper discipline all that time is now wasted.
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