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How Newton's Laws Relate to Exercise Essay

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Newton’s First Law of Motion sates that “every object in a state of rest of uniform motion tends to stay in that state unless an external force is applied to it”. This is the law of inertia.   There are two types of inertia; resting and moving. A dumbbell sitting on the floor will stay in place until force is applied to it to lift or move it from its’ place on the floor. Alternatively, an object in motion will remain in motion until force is applied to it, causing it to change its’ direction, slow down, or stop. In strength training, your movements need to be slow and deliberate. This creates a situation where the muscles that are being trained are required to apply force through the entire range of motion in order to keep the weights in motion, as gravity also acts on the weights, causing their motion to slow. Exerting a large amount of force to the weight at the beginning of the movement will not train the muscle through the entire range of motion, but rather will have a ballistic training effect. Those individuals who are training for explosive power will find this type of resistance training to be beneficial to their performance.
Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that “the rate of change of momentum of an object is directly proportional to the resultant force acting on it”. The formula used to calculate this force is the object’s mass multiplied by the rate of acceleration (F=MA). Simply put, the heavier the weight that an individual is attempting to move, the greater the amount of force required to move it. If my athlete is to lift a barbell loaded with 150 pounds of plates, she will have to work harder than if she were attempting to life a barbell loaded with 100 pounds of plates. Momentum can be created in this way also. There are differing theories as to whether or not momentum is to be avoided when resistance training, or utilized for potential gains in training. I think that it is necessary to at the very least, understand momentum and its’ potential...

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