How Nature Through Culture Influences Social Depictions of Women in Craft

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How Nature through Culture influences social depictions of women in craft. "Men have always been afraid that women could get along without them." --Margaret Mead CONTENTS Introduction 3 ONE A Social Depiction of gender 6 TWO The Nature of Culture 9 THREE Creative Purpose 14 FOUR The Cultivation of Art and Craft 22 FIVE Conclusion 26 Bibliography Introduction Looking back historically and examining social events that have taken place we can largely exploit the nature of most cultures, that society within these bands have been dominated and governed by men. As a female whose transition of adult life began in the turn of the 21st century, growing up within a monarchy nation, I have seen a notable change in the way society has progressed in the culture I have been born into, and in the way physical and mental exertion of equality has been exercised between genders. Throughout my childhood I grew of an awareness of differences between what my mother and fathers’ roles delivered in terms of family dynamics. I did not fully understand how or why this was associated to gender, so I never questioned beyond what I saw and inevitably learnt. Understanding that there could be a social supposition of what a man and a woman were accorded in terms of gender was not substantially conflicting towards the way I depicted or expressed myself, not until I entered into my early teens, where I began questioning my hobbies and interests. During my younger years in primary education I recall our class being set the task of writing a short story based on a concept of our choice. There was one boy in particular in my year who would always gain high marks for his work, so believing that his ideas would potentially increase my marks I decided to use the base of his theme to create a
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