How Music Has Changed over the Generations Essay

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How music has changed over the generations Music the thing we listen to all the time all over the world. Music is the life and souls of people everywhere even some celebrities. Music came in over a hundred years ago. But music has changed over the years I’m going to talk to you about how it has changed over the years. Let’s talk about good old Rock n Roll. When I think of Rock n Roll I think Elvis Presley the King of Rock and Roll. Rock music began in the early to mid 1950’s. There are many different types of Rock: During the 1960’s Folk Rock was developed. It often sounds a lot like folk songs, but with a sort of Rock influence. One famous Folk artist is Joan Baez. Then you get Raga rock I know some of you are thinking what is she on about well Raga Rock is kind of like oriental music. It uses oriental instruments instead of the usual electric guitars. Another style of rock is Acid rock. It uses electronic instruments to create some weird sounds. There are many other types of rock but if I were to go into them we would probably be sitting here until next year. . Now back to the 1910’s music in those times was extremely different from the music of today’s music. In those times Blues and Jazz music was a huge thing nearly every club was either playing Blues or Jazz music. Onto the 1920.s were music had changed a little for that of the 1910’s it was a bit more rhythmic the Broadway became known in that time. Question have any of you seen the movie Chicago that movie was set in the 1920’s.On to the 1930’s Big band was developed around 1935 to about 1945. Big Band also known as swing music was huge in that time. Now for a proper look at the 1940’s that was when R&B came in it is a soft and melodic 1950’s was as most of you know the rock n roll age so I won’t go through all that again. The 1960’s was of course the time of the of the legendary and nauseating

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