How Music Affects My Life

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Linfield Perofeta S. Matai English 151-Sec 01 22nd October 2012 How Music Affects my Life There are many types of music in the world today that can affect people in many ways. Samoan slow jams, Religious jams and English slow jams are my favorites simply because it gives me a reason to explore my imagination, it can make me express emotions to a significant other, it provides a refuge from my problems, it gives me motivation and it is a part of my life. It was my prom night and my best friend and I are waiting to rock the stage with our red two-piece Chinese dresses. Music playing and the time was right, we walked over to each other and girl, our classmates were cheering us both with awe look on their faces for we looked gorgeous that night. I will never forget that night whenever I hear or listened to “Take my breath away” for I would always imagine myself in that dress and rocking that stage again. I remember falling in love for the first time in my life with this one significant other when I was in high school. I did not know how to express my feelings to him, so instead of writing him a letter, a poem, a simple phone call, or even have the courage to just talk to him straight face to face, I called the radio station and dedicated a samoan love song to him. I told one of my friends to tell him to listen to dedications that day and to my surprise, he dedicated a song to me the next day and the third day he asked me out. Growing up from a religious family, I was so devoted to church and religious music affected my life for it made me understand God, got closer to him and even build a strong relationship with him. I remember when my father passed away when I was in high school, a religious song “Lily of the Valley” that we sang for him gave me the strength to move on in life. It made me

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