How Multiculturalism Impacts the Workforce of Global Organizations

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How Multiculturalism Impacts the Workforce of Global Organizations There are many ways in which multiculturalism impacts the workforce of global organizations. First employers have to train their employees on the different cultures and traditions of the country that they are doing business with. William Sinunu in his article Global Business – Raising the Bar says “one inappropriate email, comment or interaction can easily damage or even ruin an international relationship” (Sinunu, 2009). Before sending a team to a different country or assigning them to an international account, it would seem to be imperative that the team members learn about that culture and their traditions. You would think that training someone about the cultures and traditions of whom they will be doing business with would make sense. But, that requires a change in our thinking process about how we think about other cultures and their beliefs and values. Our text refers to a model developed by David Hoopes that takes us from Ethnocentrism to Multiculturalism (Shriberg, 2011, p. 39-40). Ethnocentrism is believing that your culture is superior to all others and you don’t even consider other cultures to Multiculturism which is the desire to learn and understand other cultures and their values and traditions ( Shriberg, 2011, p. 39-40). It is our natural tendency to think and believe that what we believe and how we traditionally do business is the best way for it to be done because it is what has worked for us. But because of advanced technology and the ability to travel back and forth to countries and to be able to communicate and do business over the internet, it has presented global business opportunities, and because of that mindsets have to be changed. I like that out text points out that just because we are learning about and respecting others values it does not mean that we are

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