How Moving Affected My Life

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Moving: How it Impacted My Life One event that had influenced my life is when I moved from North Carolina, to Tennessee, then to Virginia. I lived in North Carolina for ten years, Tennessee for five, and Virginia for a two and a half years. When I moved from Tennessee to Virginia this was a time that greatly influenced my life. Even though I was born in North Carolina and lived there for the longest time, I did most of my growing up in Tennessee. One way that moving influenced my life was in realizing that picking good friends is something that is key. No matter what we may like to think, your friends play a huge influence in who you become. While living in Tennessee I was a person who was friends with everyone and would hang out with anyone no matter what they did, or what their reputation was. I quickly learned that this was not the smartest choice ever. The friends that you choose will influence you, no…show more content…
The hundreds of friends that I had, dwindled down to about ten or so that I keep in touch with on a regular basis. Even though it wasn’t fun finding this out at first, this is something that really helped me realize what a true friendship was. The true friendships that I made while I lived there I still have to this day, even though there is a distance of thousands of miles. Yet, through all this, one of the greatest things that influenced me is the summer when I moved to Virginia. I had absolutely no one here that I knew, I spent that whole summer by myself, but in all reality there was someone there all along. The one person who was there for me that whole summer and who became my best friend was Christ. When my “friends” in Tennessee left me He was still there. This is one event that will impact my life forever because I learned so much about what a true friendship is and how it is so important to choose your friendships

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