How Movies Are Made Essay

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How Movies Are Made Kenyatta Jennings ENG 225 Instructor: Marc McGrath October 30, 2011 When we see a movie in the theatre, on our cellular phones, internet, or either in the comfort of our own homes all we think about is enjoyment or relaxation; a good way to spend our down time. But what exactly does a movie entail? A team of people on screen telling a story; they may be funny or serious. They may make us laugh, cry or feel some type of emotion during the viewing. Even though this is what we see when we turn that channel, pop in that DVD or rent, movies are much more than that. Movies require a lot of hard work and energy. In this paper I will discuss what a film is made of by explaining the use of its elements and art forms. The movie that I chose to elaborate on is 35 and Ticking. The movie 35 and Ticking is about a four friends who have know each other since grade school who have dreams of becoming supermodels, getting married, and having children that will someday become best friends just as they have. Now they have all grown up and face many different issues either within themselves or with someone else. Everything about them begins to come to light as they celebrate the 37th birthday of one of their best friends Zenobia. Throughout it all the four of them manage to make it through their storms with the love and support of each other. This movie stars Kevin Hart (Cleavon), Tamala Jones (Victoria), Nicole Ari Parker (Zenobia), Keith Robinson (Phil) and other actors such as Kym Whitley, Darius McCrary, Dondre Whitfield, Mike Epps, Clifton Powell, Jill Marie Jones, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and Luenell Robinson. The event of this movie’s plot is in chronological order which has many real life events in real life time. This story mostly takes place in a bar setting where friends celebrate a birthday and also meet up from time to time to get away. During

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