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How Moved My Cheese Essay

  • Submitted by: edgarmed90
  • on November 19, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Who Moved My Cheese?

It is a story about change that takes place in a maze where four amusing characters, two mice called Oledor and Broker (Oli and I ran to his friends) and two little people and Laughing Resentful calls seeking "cheese".
The story begins when the four characters in a maze looking for cheese to nourish and be happy every morning doing the same, the cheese was important to them, mice sought him a more instinctive with the method of trial and error, the little people to have more complex brains analyzed better the outlook for cheese represented Risueño have a loving family and a house in Cheddar Street to Resentful was to have power, to be the boss of other little people and a mansion on top of the hill Camembert .
The mice and the little people finally found cheese in the cheese station Q, the mice ran every morning to the station but the little people were walking and talking atenidos the cheese as they would always be there, one day to get to the station the cheese was gone, the mice were not surprised because instinctively had noticed that the amount of cheese decreased, and the little people if they felt so comfortable they did not notice the changes, Oli and Corri began walking again the maze to find new cheese, Laughing and Resentful continued to go to old empty station waiting for maybe the cheese would be there the next day. However with the passage of days the cheese did not appear and were beginning to feel weak and hungry.
The little mice found a new station called cheese station N; did not take long for Risueño began to wonder if it was time to leave the station Q and venture into the maze but yet he was afraid, he wondered how they would find their friends mice, Resentful proposed to go in search of new cheese and he refused, grabbed Laughing value and ventured alone, went through some empty central and several times thought of giving up but nevertheless continued the road and came to a central where they had a few small pieces...

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