How Moral Are You? Essay

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Hock Reading How Moral Are You By Dylan Lyness Premise: To most people, morals are whatʼs right and whatʼs wrong. Morality is usually based on rules and values that are set in the culture that you live in. You are not born with morals, you develop them in life. But what caused the formation of Morality? In this reading segment, we will learn about a man named Lawrence Kohlberg and his take on morality. Theoretical Propositions: Mr. Kohlberg believed that there are many different stages of morality. He thought that each stage had a different kind of moral thinking, the stages would be in the same order and couldnʼt be skipped, and that children would understand the stages that theyʼve passed, but not the stages ahead of them. Method: Kohlberg was able to test his theory by questioning 72 children of different ages (ages 10, 13, and 16 actually, all from Chicago) ten moral dilemmas. The kids were recorded during there two hour interviews. Based on the kids answers, Lawrence was able to come up with six stages of morality. Results: In the six stages that Kohlberg developed, he made three moral levels, each level containing two moral stages. Level one, containing the first two moral stages was considered the pre-moral level, which is characterized by egocentrism and personal interests. In stages one and two the child starts to pick up, but does not understand the concept of morality, and by stage two, the child begins to recognize interests and needs of others. Level two, which includes stages three and four, is the morality of conventional role-conformity. By stage three the child behaves morally to obtain friendship, trust, and relationships, and at stage four, they can recognize and respect law and order. Level three, with stages five and six is the morality of self-accepted moral principals. By stage five you are able to realize that some laws
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