How Money and Fame Will Not Always Make a Person Happy

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How money and fame will not always make a person happy.

Many People believe that money will always make them happy; I do not have the same opinion. I believe no matter how much money you have it means nothing. In my own opinion, I believe love, family and self-worth is what truly makes a person happy. This is what I have learned from my grandparents. Growing up my family was very poor and I remember my grandparents saying to me,” Family is worth more than money.” I carry these beliefs along with my own in life. Although we live in a society filled with dreams and aspirations of wealth, a society that likes to believe that money will bring with it happiness and success; the truth is money will bring temporary happiness. When the excitement of wealth goes away so does your feeling of happiness. Many Lotto winners have stated that after a year the happy feeling is gone and they are back to reality. John Lawerenson a very successful businessman in the United Kingdom lived in a 1.8 million dollar mansion. He could buy anything he could ever want. John was healthy and seemed happy. But when he found out his beloved wife Caroline was dying of cancer his happiness was gone. John decided he could not live without the love of his life. The couple decided to poison themselves from a substance bought via mail from Mexico. The suicide note found next to their bodies confirmed that John could not bear the thought of moving on without Caroline. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrenson left the world together in April of 2011. No amount of money could have kept John in this world without Caroline. There have been many attempted and successful suicides from wealthy people over the years. This makes me wonder how people can believe money makes you happy. If money brings happiness why did so many people take their own lives? Jonathan Wraith a millionaire tycoon killed himself

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