How Microsoft Corporation measure performance

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Purpose The problem with group performance in Microsoft which was due to the way individuals were rewarded and this caused a great harm on the organization. Therefore to reduce the possibility of failure, it is useful to identify the type of problems which may arise in teams and consider ways these problems could be avoided and resolved. In this paper, we will evaluate the cause of the problems that arises in Microsoft Corporation and how future occurrence could be avoided. 1. Introduction 1.1 History of Microsoft Corporation Microsoft is most widely known for their Windows Operating System that they sell for use on personal computers. The business was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 with the vision that computers would someday be an important piece of hardware in every home. The company, in the last ten years or so, has moved from operating mostly within the United States to other areas of the world such as Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Because of the products and services the company offers, the world and its business leaders are recognizing Microsoft as a standard for computing power. This means that Microsoft has to be up to the challenge of providing computing power to all areas of the world. The only way the company can do that, is by having facilities strategically placed around the globe. Research units, distribution complexes, and sales offices are scattered in certain areas of the world, mostly in Europe and Asia, but the company also has offices in Africa, Australia, and South America. The complexity of Microsoft doesn’t stop with the company spreading its roots around the world, the company itself is complex. The varieties of products and services range from the simplest piece of software for the personal computer to high-powered applications on handheld PCs and the Internet. It takes a lot of people to manage all

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