How Martin Luther King Campaigned Against Prejudice

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How did Martin Luther King campaign against prejudice and discrimination in USA? America in the 20th century was a highly racist society, especially in the southern states. Black people were treated unfairly and discriminated against, white people justified the situation by saying the black race were inferior. In 17 states throughout America, there were laws segregating the black from the whites in places like parks, cafes, buses, public toilets, swimming pools and even drinking fountains. Black people also had separate schools and universities, the white schools had more money. When white people attacked black people in public police didn’t try to prevent this, instead they may have even joined in. Martin Luther King was a strong Christian believer so he lived by the teachings of Jesus and didn’t believe in violence and prejudice. He said “We cannot be truly Christian people so long as we flout the central teachings of Jesus: brotherly love and the golden rule.” Martin Luther King and his family were victims of abuse during this time, so when he left university he dedicated his life to the civil rights movement which aimed to stop racism, discrimination and prejudice. After the Rosa Parks incident, she and King organised the black boycott of Montgomery bus system in 1955. Once King realised he was achieving more rights for black people he led non-violent protests throughout America. Eight years after the boycott, King led a protest in Birmingham, Alabama. However the white people in Alabama didn’t approve of this and it turned into a violent protest, and King was arrested for his participation in the protest. Along with King, police arrested 1000 other protesters and many were beat with whips and clubs. This was broadcasted on tv across America and people were appalled. Only then did they start to realise that what they were doing was wrong. In 1964, King was
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