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“Lucky Number Slevin,” an arch ironic thriller is a film set in the heart of New York. The main character, Josh Hartnett, Slevin, is in the midst of a gang war due to mistaken identity. Although the characters in the film are very diverse in race and culture, the film doesn’t do a great job of riding the many evident stereotypes plaguing society. Amongst the characters in the film are Morgan Freeman “The Boss,” Bruce Willis “Mr. Good Cat,” and Lucy Liu as Lindsey. Jewish and Israeli characters also play important roles in the development of the film. In the beginning of the film we witness gluttony, greed, murder, anger and betrayal. In an opening scene, Mr. Good Cat murders a black man for his connections to bookies and illegal bets. Already we see the white guy murdering the black guy and the black guy having a background with negative affiliations. This film has a lot of the negative black guy portrayals. All of the black guys in the film are shown as being deviant, angry, crooked, aggressive, money hungry, hostile and violent. Although Morgan Freeman, “The Boss” is in power and very articulate in his role he is also portrayed as a threat. He hires assassins and he sends his workers, other black male gangsters out to do all of his dirty work. The workers of the “The Boss,” also black are portrayed as followers, having no connection or belonging of their own, big, intimidating, belligerent, violent and inadequate of formulating sentences. One of his gagsters are appropriately named “Slow” for his defect of not being able to verbally express to Slevin why they are essentially kidnapping him. According to Larson, “Movies characterize blacks as inferior to whites, thereby justifying their unequal status in society. The films show dangerous, immoral or mentally deficient black characters as emblematic of their race.” (Larson 31). In this film we are also

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