How Literature Reflects Communities

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How Literature Reflects Communities Reading literature such as poetry, fiction, and drama necessitates that the reader think and feel what they are reading. People may respond to the differently to the same play, story, or poem. Di Yanni (2007) discusses “literature as involving students in the twin acts of reading and analysis.” The impact that literature can have on a person’s life is intangible. Literature is necessary and important for the continuing growth of our world. Individuals that observe literary works gain important knowledge and show different relationships to the community. This paper will discuss several literary works in relation to the individual and the community. Literature ties the human race together to form a community. People translate different literary works to allow all individuals to contribute in the act of community and individualism that literature provides. The inspiring adaptation, transforming a poem into a song, of “This Land is Your Land,” by Woody Guthrie, have brought people together, stopped feuds, healed wounds, and even taught humans how to be human again. Guthrie depicts on the Great Depression, a time of personal depression and national upheaval. Impressive poems such as “We Real Cool,” by Gwendolyn Brooks in all probability, is one of the most powerful poems for the black community. Gwendolyn Brooks wrote this poem when blacks in America had no voting rights and many blacks felt that school was not an option let alone obtaining a good job. Her poetry has memorable characters that draw from the underclass of the nations black communities that record the impact of life. However, her poetry does not hold the community responsible for goings-on in the lives of her characters; nonetheless, the city is an existing force with which the community must survive. The poem, “We Real Cool” portrays the life of seven young men who
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