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How Light Effects Cress Growth Essay

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How does light effect cress growth

In this report I describe step by step how the experiment was done and then discus the results and whether or not it was what I had expected to happen, and then why I obtained the results that I did. I then describe what I believe should be the next step to discovering the optimum environment to get the best results and make as much profit as possible.
The purpose of this experiment was to look at how (or if) light can affect the growth or indeed, the rate of growth of cress. Before the experiment, i thought that the one exposed to the most light would grow taller and quicker and the one in the shadow would grow shorter whilst the one exposed to no light would not grow at all as light is vital for photosynthesis (or so i thought).
So to test how light effects the growth of plants, i decided to get three Petri dishes and put a cotton pad in each of them where I’d put ten seeds on each, making sure that they were evenly spread out. Then i put an equal amount of water in each dish so that the water was level with the top of the cotton pad and then put each Petri dish in a different place exposed to different amounts of light. One was placed on the windowsill where it would get the most light, one was placed in a shadow on my shelf where it got no direct sunlight and rarely saw the light of day. Then each day at precisely 1:30pm I’d measure them and make sure they had the same amount of water they started with, starting with the one on the windowsill and ending with the one in the box.

My results told me a different story to what i had previously thought would happen. The ones in the dark grew taller and the ones exposed to plenty of light grew shorter. I was completely flabbergasted when i opened the lid of the box to find my little seedlings growing without light! My other observations were that the less light there is, the less green there is on the plant. The pigment in the...

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